RHUBARB AND CUSTARD Scented Simmering Granules 50g Pot and Wooden Spoon


Our Rhubarb and Custard is identical those red and yellow sweets we all loved as kids. Packed full of sweet vanilla aromas. 


Introducing our new Scented Simmering Granules which are a great alternative to wax and easy to clean from your burner bowl.  Made with the same high quality fragrance oils that we use in our wax melts.  

Each pot is approx 50g

Simply place 2 or 3 teaspoons in to your burner bowl and enjoy the fragrance as it fills your room, you should get approx 3-4 hours of fragrance, this will vary depending on whether you use an electric burner or a tealight burner, but you can use them until you can no longer get any scent and when cooled down carefully throw into your everyday rubbish bin.


RHUBARB AND CUSTARD Scented Simmering Granules 50g Pot and Wooden Spoon

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