About our Products


Sample Snap Bars (15g approx)  / Large Snap Bars (50g approx)


Snap off 1-2 squares depending on the size of your wax burner bowl to release the beautiful fragrance into your home.  Typically 2 squares will last around 10 hours (approx 50 hours from one large snap bar) you should be able to burn 2/3 times.  

Bag of 20 Mini Hearts (30g)

These popular little hearts are quick and easy to use, you decide how many to pop into your burner.  If you like mixology why not choose 2 or 3 fragrances to make your own cocktail.  We use 2-3 mini hearts at a time.  Please do not overfill the bowl of your wax burner. 

Pink Sands Bees-2.jpg
Pink Sands Bees-2.jpg

Shapes (5g- 8g approx) 

Most people find using one novelty shape is enough to fill your room with your favourite scent for hours.

Each of our clamshell snap bars weigh approx 60g.  They can be opened and closed numerous times so make them ideal for storing your collection of wax melts. 

Our clamshells are manufactured in the UK from high quality rPET which is totally recyclable and contains 86% recycled plastic within the make up of the sheet. The recycled content is a mix of recycled bottle flake (water bottles) and the manufacturing waste that accumulates at the manufacturer's factory, which is ground into flake to be co extruded into the material.