WHITE DOUBLE DISH Heart Cut Out Ceramic Oil / Wax Burner.  This lovely heart design burner has a double dish on the top which allows you to use two different fragrances at the same time and have fun with some mixology. 


Place an unscented tea light in the back of this burner to heat up the top bowls, place your chosen fragrance wax melts or simmering scented granules into the bowls and in no time at all your home will be full of aroma. Please be careful not to overfill the bowls and only use one tealight to ensure you do not overheart the burner. 


When its time to change your fragrances simply melt the wax in the burner and then carefully soak it up using a cotton wool balls/pads 

WHITE DOUBLE DISH Heart Cut Out Ceramic Oil / Wax Tart Melt Burner

  • If you have a small oil burner please check the product guide before using it for wax melts to ensure it is suitable for wax. Not all oil burners are suitable for wax melts because they tend to be a lot smaller and the flame is a lot closer to the top bowl. 


    It is recommended that only 4 hours tea lights are used and let the wax cool down for a while before replacing with a new tea light candle.  Using an 8 hour tealight can cause the wax to become too hot and cause damage to your burner.  Smaller burners may be more suitable to 2 hours tealights to ensure they do not get too hot and overheat.


    Keep out of reach of children and pets and away from draughts. NEVER place a lit candle near an open window, or curtains / upholstery and never leave unattended.  Do NOT move while lit and wait until wax has cooled.

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