DOVE A fresh, clean and uplifting scent. 


NOTE: We are in no way affiliated with or endorsed by any designers or skincare companies. Our fragranced wax melts simply smell similar to the perfumes/fragrance but may not be the exact same.

DOVE Fragranced Wax Melt Snap Bars and Mini Hearts

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  • Large Snap Bars (50g approx)  / Small Snap Bars (15g approx)

    Snap off 1-2 squares depending on the size of your wax burner bowl to release the beautiful fragrance into your home.  Typically 2 squares will last around 10 hours (approx 50 hours from one large snap bar) you should be able to burn 2/3 times. 


    Bag of 20 Mini Hearts (30g)

    ​These popular little hearts are quick and easy to use, you decide how many to pop into your burner.  If you like mixology why not choose 2 or 3 fragrances to make your own cocktail.  We use 2-3 mini hearts at a time.  Please do not overfill the bowl of your wax burner. 


    All of our wax melts are hand poured which makes each product unique, therefore there may be sight blemishes and/or variations of colour or weight in each batch, however this does not affect the quality or usage.