Black Luxury Fragrance Oil Car Diffuser - Filled with your choice of fragrance.


Ideal for cars, caravans, small rooms, closets, wardrobes etc.  


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If you would like a fragrance that is not in the drop down box please message us to enquire. 


We have the Vent Clip available - please check that your air vents are suitable to hold the clip as not all cars are the same.  The Clip can swivel round to change direction. 


We use a cutting edge diffuser base as it's not harmful to humans, animals, or the environment and uses innovative technology from renewable resources and all our fragrance oils are vegan and animal cruetly free.  


Important: Keep away from children and animals. PLEASE TAKE CARE as spillage / leakage of oil can cause damage to material / surfaces, please be careful and keep the diffuser bottle upright.  Wipe up any spillage immediately and wash off skin. 


BLACK Luxury Car Oil Diffuser / Air Freshener - Choice of Fragrance



    • Unscrew the diffuser bottle lid and carefully remove the plastic stopper
    • Carefully screw the lid back on to the diffuser bottle 
    • Gently tip the bottle from side to side to soak the cork with the fragrance oil. DO NOT TURN UPSIDE DOWN as this may cause leakage and the oil may permanently mark your upholstery. 
    • Always keep the diffuser bottle upright but gently turn it every now and then to keep the cork soaked in fragrance oil. 
    • The car diffuser can be hung by the attached cord or we also sell the car vent clips 
    • Please check that car vent clips are suitable for your vents and ensure they are secure to avoid spillage
    • These diffusers can be used in cupboards and small rooms ie: cloak-room but please ensure they are kept upright as the fragrance oil may leak out once the cork has soaked up enough oil.


    • Standard delivery via Royal Mail Second Class: 2-3 business days
    • Express delivery via Royal Mail First Class: 1-2 business days
    • Local Click & Collect available (allocated dates/times only)


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